2018-19: By the Numbers

Several indicators will track the performance of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s progress in improving patient safety outcomes under the new Patient Safety Right Now strategy and 2018-2023 Business Plan. Starting in 2018-2019, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute began reporting on four target areas that will ultimately instil a culture conducive to safe care.

The target areas represent intentions in three streams:

  1. implementing and spreading sustainable patient safety improvements;
  2. increasing the priority our health system places on patient safety; and
  3. influencing policy, regulations and standards to ensure evidence-informed patient safety practices are a requirement for individuals and organizations.
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In the initial phase of implementation, specific measures for each indicator are identified; this work will be completed early in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. During 2018-2019, many of the outputs were successfully launched related to our strategy.

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Safety improvement projects

Current Performance


in projects

Total: 30 Target: 20 (2019)

in projects

Total: 25 Target: 15 (2019)

in projects

Total: 9 Target: 8 (2019)

Projects Launched

Four national-scale Safety Improvement Projects (improvement collaboratives) were launched based on a knowledge translation and implementation science improvement model for sustainability. As the Safety Improvement Projects are established, further reporting will be made on practice changes, increased awareness and use of our knowledge products.


participants from 30 teams, 25 organizations and 9 jurisdictions across Canada participating in 4 Safety Improvement Projects

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Making Patient Safety a Priority

Current Performance


Behavioural Change Campaigns

Campaigns underway
or complete

Total: 2 Target: 2-3 (2019)


Total: 5,357 Target: 6,000-8,000 (2019)

The results of these two behavioural change campaigns are examples of what the Canadian Patient Safety Institute is doing to strengthen commitment and demonstrate what works to advance safe care:

Canadian Patient Safety Week

6.86 million Twitter impressions (2,064 tweets from 833 participants)

500,000 Facebook impressions reaching over 353,000 people

4,889 Medication Safety Quizzes completed: Public 2,355 times/Providers 2,534 times

1,462 participants - the most in the campaign’s 14-year history

600 sites attended virtual screening of Greg’s Story and Twitter Talk (2-10 people per site)

5,017 downloads of the PATIENT podcast / one of the top 10 medical podcasts on iTunes

STOP! Clean Your Hands Day

710 participants registered for STOP! Clean Your Hands: The Bug Stops Here

2.11 million Twitter impressions (413 tweets/270 participants)

2,069 public and healthcare quizzes completed

14,777 page views (7,541 events) of www.handhygiene.ca


556 attendees at the six-part knowledge translation and implementation science webinar education series

405 medication safety webinar attendees - Not All Meds Get Along

396 attendees at the Human Factors education webinar series

368 participants per call (on average) for the Medication Safety Exchange webinar series

820 registrants for three Patients for Patient Safety Canada webinars

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s knowledge translation products are designed to implement and spread sustainable patient safety improvements. These key numbers show the uptake of products that demonstrate what works to advance a culture conducive to safe care:

Knowledge Products

Current Performance


Knowledge Products Developed

Total: 93 Target: 20-25 (2019)

870,609 PDF resources downloaded

14,349 page views and 549 downloads of Enhanced Recovery Canada resources

889 downloads of the Top 10 warning signs of clinical deterioration

1,585 views of the Deteriorating Patient Condition video

18,415 page views and 858 downloads of the Hospital Harm Improvement Resource

969 downloads of the Patient Safety Culture Bundle

Policy Impact

Current Performance


Policy, Standards and Regulatory Recommendations

Policy, Standards & Regulatory Bodies Targeted

Total: 51 Target: 15-20 (2019)

Submissions to targeted policy, standards & regulatory bodies

Total: 19 Target: 3-4 (2019)

These are some of the actions taken to influence policy, regulations and standards that will ultimately strengthen commitment to ensure evidence-informed patient safety practices are a requirement for individuals and organizations:

80 Maritime residents participated in National Pharmacare community engagement session

800+ signatures received on plain language labelling e-petition

13 patients visit 32 Federal MPs and Senators in Ottawa for Patients at Parliament Day

Consultation launched on national framework to put patients first

Global Patient Safety Alerts

1,500+ alerts and 8,000+ recommendations from 26 countries around the world

112% increase in page views (27,974)

200% increase in summary views (22,480)

82.2% increase in full alert views (4,556)

Alliances and Networks

Strategic alliances and networks are integral to making progress on the strategy and across all Patient Safety Right Now lines of business. The Alliances and Networks stream primarily supports our policy influence and outreach work through Patients for Patient Safety Canada and HSO.

67 volunteer Patients for Patient Safety Canada members, 20 of whom have volunteered 10+ years

111 Patients for Patient Safety Canada consultations, including 93 Canadian, 9 provincial and 9 international projects and initiatives

20 Canadian patient organizations joined the Patient Alliance for Patient Safety

17 teams participating in the Atlantic Health Quality and Patient Safety Collaborative virtual Patient Engagement Collaborative

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Learn more about our work in each of the lines of business outlined in this Annual Report.